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Courtesy of Chris Geiger Photography

Courtesy of Chris Geiger Photography

Weddings are a very special time for the bride and groom and for their friends and relatives. Memories are made at weddings that will last a lifetime. Music selection and timing at a wedding is everything. It’s important that your DJ communicate not only with the bride and groom at length but with the other vendors, as well (caterer, photographer, etc) in order to coordinate with their schedules. Weddings are about tempo and atmosphere.  

The announcer or DJ helps set the tone of the event with both the music and his or her involvement. We begin the process with a pre-event questionnaire that details the wedding and reception and pinpoints your personal choices. There are song choice selections in the questionnaire for each part of the wedding. We have compiled a playlist of examples of what has been used at other weddings. The music we play is entirely up to your personal choice. After the questionnaire is completed we meet in person, if at all possible with the bride and groom. We discuss the choices made on the questionnaire and go over in depth the timing and songs and we structure the event according to your wishes and personal tastes.  

We understand that weddings present a large expense for the family. Therefore, our price structure reflects the reality of today’s economy without sacrificing quality. We base our rates on a flat rate of $75 per hour for a single sound system and DJ. This includes two wireless microphones and announcements for your event. Overall average costs per event vary between $500 to $900 depending upon the complexity, location and size of your wedding.

Sample Questionnaire

Click Here to view or download a sample questionnaire. Reviewing it will give you a good idea of things you will need to prepare for to have a successful and smooth ceremony and reception! Then remember to Contact Us so we can give you a FREE consultation and event estimate.

Popular Wedding Songs

     Brides, this site is for you! On Popular Wedding Songs, you will find top rated and most popular wedding songs list. You can read wedding song lyrics by clicking on the link of the song. You can also buy these top wedding songs from amazon. They have compiled the top wedding song list CD from amazon here.


Dear Sound Man,  

I wanted to thank you for the work you put into the music you played at our reception.
You had a great variety and your attention to detail was outstanding. I think everyone had a great

Thanks again  

Chrissy Mitchell  


Mark and Ginny were fantastic. They were very helpful in planning our reception andcould answer any question we had for them. The evening of our reception went by very smoothly thanks to their help. I would highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding or event
that needs an emcee or a DJ.  

Autumn Hutchings  


Dear Soundman,  

Thank you for making our wedding so special. Your music selection was wonderful and you
helped us find the perfect song for every dance. We had so many compliments from our guests
about what a great time they had and I know our music played a huge part. Everyone was on thedancefloor because we had such a variety that there was music for everyone. Thanks again for making it a night to remember.  


Jason & Amanda Lewis  



If you are looking for a DJ, a really good DJ, then I would recommend Mark & Ginny

They recentley DJ’d my birthday/New Year’s Eve party and did a great job!
We gave them direction on the type of music and a few songs, but let them
do whatever they wanted from there. Everyone had an awesome time dancing. Mark
is also very talented and entertained the crowd and kept everyone involved
and having fun.  

One thing that is great about Mark & Ginny is that they really listen to what they ask you to do.
Their music library is huge and the equipment is very professional. I’m sure they will accommodate
any requests that are made.  

Hope your party is great!  



Thank you so much for you guys did a wonderful job! We had alot of fun!  

Shannon Poole  


Mark and Ginny,  

I just want to thank you both for the work you have put into making this wedding happen.
It has been such a pleasure to work with you two and we have all been so impressed with the
great care and professionalism you have shown, but more importantly the personable and friendly
way you have worked with us. This has been such a great experience working with you! Thank
you for everything!  

Marissa & Erik  

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